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Strategy & Planning

Heading out into unknown territory without preparation is risky, even dangerous. Travelers need a plan, a map, the right apps, passports, visas, correct currency and an understanding of the weather. It’s true that there are scary statistics out there about the number of new businesses that fail each year, but we’re not into doom and gloom.

We know that you have a dream and a vision and that sometimes dreams are hard to articulate – especially if you’re new to the world of business.

That’s what we’re here for. Strategy & Planning is a crucial stage for your company’s development. We’ve helped countless clients define the particulars of their rough concept, transforming a good idea into a shapely, defined roadmap with clearly marked destinations.

During strategic conferences, we’ll do deep forensics and discovery to get to the heart of your vision. We then scaffold that vision into budgets and timelines directly tied to prioritized deliverables. (Sound kind of dry? Don’t worry. Our project managers eat this stuff for breakfast.)

If you’re already an established business but want to adjust your course, this stage will involve serious inventory of existing practices and assets. We’ll talk about where you’ve come from and where you’d like to go.



A couple generations ago, businesses didn’t need to worry about telling their “story.” Everybody on Main Street already knew which plumber had a special technique for identifying mainline leaks, which taco shop made their own tortillas and which doctors were known for their compassionate bedside manner.

That Main Street looks very different now. Your business will need to compete with tens of thousands of businesses offering similar products and services. Just about anybody can make a generic website, therefore, just about everybody does. What will differentiate yours from the other generic sites?

The truth is that a weak website is an immediate turn-off to potential customers. However, if you create a beautiful space with elements of delight, people will want to spend time there.

Clave knows that there is something special about your business that differentiates it from competitors. That “something” could get lost in the noise without the right storytelling. We’ll work closely with you to craft a compelling, concise brand identity that showcases your personality, benefits and values. We want people to connect emotionally with your brand and our talented designers know exactly how to make that happen.


Beauty is just part of the story. If you want to get somewhere, it’s better to own a motorcycle than a picture of a motorcycle. We build things that do things – function that is big, smart, fast, safe and current.

From our very beginnings, Clave remained focused on being a strong technical partner for our client companies. If your project involves a website, we guarantee an exceptionally functional website. We’re truly living in a renaissance of technological innovation and our developers maintain a very serious commitment to ongoing professional development.

We have our ear to the ground. If you’re working with outdated technologies, your customers don’t just know it. They feel it.

Every traveler knows that when you find an oasis, it’s worth spending time there. Equally as important, it’s worth returning to – and spreading the good word to others.

We often build completely custom website applications that result in client-owned proprietary software. During Strategy & Planning sessions, our tech experts can make recommendations for the exact path to suit your business needs.



Whether you’re launching a brand new business or relaunching an existing enterprise, it’s important to get the word out. Clave offers marketing support on various levels. Depending on your preference, we can create and hand off a clear, actionable plan to be executed by your in-house team. We can also offer ongoing support by providing marketing collateral or consulting through our carefully curated third-party vendor collective.

Consistency is the key to authentic messaging. Aligning your marketing strategy with your company’s overall brand and story builds trust and credibility among your customers. We’re standing by to help make sure the message is a good one.

We’ve been working closely with businesses for a very long time. Markets have never been more dynamic. A shift in the wind can require a totally different tack. Clave deliberately structures marketing contracts with plenty of flex, all in your favor. So when you  need additional hands on deck, we’re already on it.

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