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Company History

A creative is motivated by the desire to produce and achieve, not by the desire to beat or win.

Clave emerged eight years ago in response to a demand for innovative, highly responsive, engaging and beautifully crafted websites. We understand the taste-makers, the ambassadors, the loyalists, and the skeptics. In that time we’ve found out what works and what doesn’t.

Whether your customers prefer to travel to you by four-lane suspension bridge, subway, zipline or on their phones; we are the mapmakers and we’ll get them to you.

Solana Beach was just the starting point for our small team of 3 talented individuals. Since then we’ve grown to 2 offices, 10 full and part-time employees and a handful of regular contributors.

Clave works with companies in all areas of the brand development spectrum. Working closely with your company, we initially do deep brand forensics to understand your vision, in turn crafting concise, compelling messaging that speaks directly to your customers.

Our creative team then builds an impactful visual identity that clearly and accurately showcases your brand. Our storytellers take great pride in visual trailblazing. We make sure it’s a totally different view from the top of the mountain.


What drives us?

  • Being different isn’t just surface level, it’s cellular. Some people are happy with the guided tour, we aren’t. If there’s a new creative trail, technology, or interesting viewpoint to scope out, we want to know about it. That doesn’t just make us different. It makes us better.

  • Revenue that unnerving little word, is a vital part of your companies success. Our work supports your company’s ability to generate growth in that bottom line. From experience, we know that companies with strong financials are much more likely to achieve their larger mission.

  • Artistry means a lot to the Clave team. We find inspiration and creativity from all aspects of our daily lives. Our team have traveled to almost every continent in the world, working, volunteering, and making art. We don’t make it our business to brag about the awards, grants, and accolades Clave continues to receive.


Typical Clients

Clave partners with clients from a wide range of industries: technology, medicine, education, fashion, art, lifestyle, architecture and interior design, finance, media, alternative energy, B2B, the non-profit world, etc. Along with their customers, we’re their biggest fans and we believe in everything we do for these clients.

We are sometimes asked if there is a “typical” Clave client. Yes, they are not typical. Startup, middle market, enterprise, blue chip – our creative agency serves each client need with equal talent, precision and passion.

Something our clients do share in common – they value quality. At Clave, we believe that forming the right partnership is the first step. In fact, it’s the only step. Without trust, vision, and respect, you’re dead in the water.

Brands we've worked with

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